6 things that make a person more attractive. Tag someone who has some

If you have any of the characteristics that I will mention then consider yourself a very lucky and unique person, because very few have them. No one knows why they originate, what is certain is that they are rated as very attractive.

The mere fact of owning them gives you that “plus” that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you “boast” especially the # 1, you madden anyone.

6. The tendon of the forearm

They consider a symbol of rudeness that a man is marked the veins of the arms, not to mention the tendon that protrudes just where the wrist begins. Some are noticed with minimal effort and others are flatly seen nothing. In your body is present the so-called “vestigial muscle” of the forearm. If you are not marked, do not worry; It does not affect you or benefit you at all. Do the test!

5. Freckles

For your information, they are not exclusive to redheads. Freckles contain high concentration of melanin, a protein responsible for pigmentation of the skin, which is “active” with sun exposure. They certainly give liveliness to the face in an impressive way.

4. Dimples in the face

People who have two dimples on their cheeks when they smile, give you joy just to see them; It is also considered an attraction that arouses sexual interest. Those who possess this characteristic reflect transparency. Very good!

3. Matching chin

Whether man or woman, this attribute automatically gives you powers of seduction. In them it is very rare and in men there are two slopes, the cleft “simple” or definitely a very split chin, similar to baby pompis. It should be noted that it is synonymous with elegance. Whatever your case, this aspect draws much attention.

2. Hip Dips

Good hips make men crazy on the street, and what to say in bed, but there are women who have the calls “Hip Dips”, which far from like them makes them feel ashamed. They are clefts in the upper thighs, which give them a different view, however if you exercise and care your food looks super sensual. Do not fill them with cushions!

1. Dimples of Venus

These are my favorites; I assure you that anyone will fascinate you. In fact very few people in the world have them. These two clefts are located in the lower part of the back and are known as the “dimples of Venus”. Usually the girls who have them have perfect body, with a low fat index. Uff! Anyone who sees them is left with an arrow, so you know. Do not be ashamed of what makes you unique or unique. What is your characteristic? And if you do not have any of the above, would you add any that you find attractive?

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